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Will’s Story

Will had a food issue with high yeast levels in his diet causing his head and neck to break out in spots with some fur loss.

Bonnie’s Story

Bonnie has been on and off steroids for years for her skin condition before we got her last year. The vet recommended Wafcol Salmon and Potato due to food allergies, which she has had ever since and her skin...

Poppy’s Story

We have had Poppy for nearly 5 yrs; she was 5-6 months old when we had her. She was rescued by Four Paws in Wales, she was found in Ireland. She was very skinny and supposedly scared of everything.

Blaze & Leah

We were given Blaze as a two-year-old as he hated showing and was never going to do any good while he looked so miserable in the ring. We called him ‘Billy no mates’ as he seemed quite a sad...


Dear Wafcol, a little poem for you… Basil was a fussy eater, Sausages would only do. Then we discovered Wafcol salmon Now Basil is fit and healthy too! Thank you Wafcol From Rebekah

Bubble’s Story

We compete in agility so spend lots of time away in our caravan during the summer so it was important for me to find something that I could feed him that was convenient and nutritious as he is a...

Sam’s Story

Over the last few months, my 14-year-old dog’s tummy became so sensitive and we couldn’t find anything to help food wise.

Schnauzer’s Story

Just over a year ago my schnauzer had a very sensitive stomach and a badly stained beard from an ingredient intolerance problem. I tried changing his food several times with no luck. That was until I found Wafcol.

Roxy & Daisy’s Story

Roxy has been ill with her stomach all her life; we have changed her foods on numerous occasions from Iams to Autarky and Science Plan, to no avail.

Harvey & Tefa’s Story

Harvey, a 13 year old Bull Terrier x Border Collie, was diagnosed with numerous food and environmental allergies about 6 years ago and Tefa my 11 year old Springer Spaniel, who was rescued 4 years ago, also came with...

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