Grain & Cereal Free
Developed By Vets
Naturally Sensitive Diet
It's Grain Free

Wafcol’s Salmon & Potato recipes contain absolutely NO GRAINS OR CEREALS meaning that your dog is much less likely to have an allergic response after meal times.

Only One Protein Source

As Wafcol only uses one protein source including Salmon, Ocean Fish and Chicken, it’s sensitive on digestive systems and is perfect for dogs with intolerances to either meat or fish.

It's Hypoallergenic

All of our recipes are designed with real attention and care, excluding ingredients that are known triggers for dogs with allergies and intolerances.

It's Trusted by Vets

Our Salmon & Potato recipe is a non-prescription sensitive diet developed and approved by vets. It offers a competitively priced sensitive food without compromising on quality.

Perfect Kibble Size

We know that size DOES matter! We offer different kibble sizes for various breeds in our Salmon & Potato range, which is perfect for not only little mouths but bigger mouths too.

Super Tasty

Each recipe is as delicious as the last. Dogs simply love it, and what’s more, it’s packed to the brim full of natural goodness. What better way to make your dog happy inside and out?

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Salmon is a palatable protein source that is rich in omega fatty acids. The hydrolysed salmon and salmon meal used in our diets are sourced from Scotland and are naturally stabilised by the use of mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract and lecithin, which all work synergistically to have an anti-oxidant effect.


Potatoes are an excellent carbohydrate source and offer an alternative to cereal carbohydrate sources, for dogs that require a sensitive diet. Potato starch is also used as a thickening ingredient due to the fact our diets are manufactured without wheat gluten.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a tasty and high quality source of easily digestible carbohydrate and also fibre. They have a low glycemic index, with their natural sugars being slowly released into the bloodstream to ensure a balanced and regular source of energy. They are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, especially vitamins A, C and B6.


Lupins are related to legumes such as peanuts, peas, lentils and beans. Lupin seeds can be ground up to make flour, which is used to replace wheat and other cereal products in our gluten free diets.

Pea & Pea Proteins

Peas are members of the legume family and are a source of highly digestible vegetable protein. Pea protein is rich in essential amino acids which are important for maintaining lean muscle mass. They are also a good natural source of dietary fibre and vitamin B.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a natural vegetable oil that is a good source of Omega-6 fatty acid – also known as linolenic acid.


Seaweed is rich in iodine which is an important trace mineral that is necessary for many functions including the growth and repair of tissues and to help promote healthy skin and hair.

Prebiotic MOS & FOS

MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) and FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) help promote optimal nutritional uptake and remove harmful bacteria, reducing digestive upsets.

Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements

All our diets are nutritionally complete and provide a full complement of vitamins and minerals necessary for growth, repair and maintenance. This includes essential macro and micro trace elements such as calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, iodine and copper. The vitamins included in our diets cover the fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E and K, along with the water-soluble vitamins such as B1, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Pantothenic acid.

Ocean Fish

Fish meal is an excellent source of protein and fish oil. All our fish comes from sustainable sources in the Pacific Ocean and is naturally preserved.


Poultry meal is an excellent protein source used in our sensitive Chicken & Corn recipe and offers an alternative to a red meat diet. At Wafcol we don’t use any poultry meal from battery-reared chickens.


Corn (or maize) is an excellent carbohydrate source within an extruded diet and is often used as a replacement for wheat. Corn is used in two of our diets within the sensitive range; Chicken & Corn and Ocean Fish & Corn, however if a cereal free diet is desired our Salmon & Potato diet fulfils this need.


Soya is a natural source of plant based protein. Soya flour can be used as an alternative to wheat when a gluten free diet is required.

Joint Support

Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are building blocks used in the body to help support and maintain healthy joints.

Why is Wafcol so great? Well the proof is in the kibble…

  Wafcol - Changing Dogs’ Lives Salmon & Potato Adult
Main Ingredient (%) Salmon 37% (L/G)
Single Animal / Fish Protein Source
Single Carbohydrate Source No (Potato/Peas)
Formulated with NO Cereals
Wheat Gluten
Maize Gluten
Other Known Allergies  
Red Meat
Milk & Milk Products
Egg & Egg Products
White Fish
Artificial Colours
Artificial Flavours
Artificial Preservatives
Sample Pack Available  
Yes / No
Hills - Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult Hills - Prescription Canine i/d Adult Royal Canin - Digestive Care Adult Royal Canin - Dermacomfort Adult Burns - Sensitive Duck & Salmon Rice Burns - Sensitive Pork & Potato GA Petfoods Partners - Super Premium Salmon & Potato GA Petfoods Partners - Super Premium Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus Wagg - Complete Sensitive Chicken & Rice Pro Plan - Sensitive Skin Rich in Salmon Adult
Rice Maize Rice Rice Brown Rice (63%) Potato (35%) Salmon (36.5%) Salmon & Trout (50%) Cereals (5% Rice Salmon (17%)

*All ingredients correct as of 24th April 2018

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Wafcol is a true and pure sensitive diet. All of our recipes are developed to be sensitive on your dogs’ digestive system, using a single source of fish or animal protein and the minimal ingredients necessary to help lower the risk of an allergic response from your dog.

Compare the Wafcol’s fantastic ingredients below with other dog foods available and you will see how excellent a food Wafcol really is.

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“They’re now a picture of health!”

There’s a simple reason why we’ve stayed in the affections of British pet owners for so long – because our food changes dogs’ lives…but don’t just take our word for it!

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Our Latest FAQ’s

How should I wean my puppies onto puppy food?

The weaning of puppies should begin around 3 to 4 weeks by softening the puppy food with warm water enabling the puppy to start lapping the food out of the dish. At 5 to 6 weeks, gradually reduce the quantity of water used in the diet and feed four meals a day.

Once the puppy reaches 6 months the number of feeds can be reduced to three meals per day. Initially we would recommend feeding puppies to satisfaction, although the quantity given should not exceed what can be eaten in 15 minutes, as it is important not to overfeed.

I am changing my dog’s diet to Wafcol, how long should it take to change over?

Changing diets may result in stomach upsets in some dogs even if it is a better quality food. For all changes in diet Wafcol recommend introducing the new diet in a small quantity to the current diet then gradually reduce the old diet, replacing it with the new diet over a period of seven to ten days.

My dog is suffering from loose soft stools, what can I do to change this?

Loose and soft motions can be caused by a number of things and can be most uncomfortable for both your dog and yourself. If you are sure that the bout of loose stools has not been caused by scavenging and eating rubbish, or an underlying illness that would require a visit to your Vet, we would recommend feeding a sensitive diet that eliminates common allergens such as wheat, dairy and beef products. Wafcol’s sensitive range offers a number of products that eliminate various allergens and can be introduced to your dog and used as their daily feed. These diets also contain a prebiotic that promotes optimal nutritional uptake and the removal of harmful bacteria therefore reducing digestive upsets.

The vet has said my dog has colitis, what is this and what should I feed them?

Colitis is the inflammation of the colon and can occur in all breeds of dog at any age. In many cases it can be present from puppy hood. When motions are passed they can be very loose, liquid like and contain jelly-like material. In some cases blood may even be passed.

Motions are passed frequently and often the dog strains unproductively, which can initially be confused with constipation but needs to be closely monitored. There are a number of causes of colitis such as stress and dietary intolerance and where a dietary intolerance is identified it is necessary to feed an appropriate diet.

Wafcol Sensitive diets may offer a suitable solution with their single source of animal or fish protein that your dog is unlikely to be sensitive to. This range includes Wafcol Salmon & Potato.

If however your dog passes large quantities of very dark coloured blood, please arrange to see your Vet as soon as possible.

My dog is 13 years old, should I change their diet to a senior product?

Kidney problems are very common in elderly dogs and they are characterised by the inability of the kidneys to perform their normal function. A senior diet should reduce the stress placed on the kidneys by dealing with too many waste products, and reducing the protein level can help with this factor.  Wafcol Salmon & Potato Senior has a protein level of 17% and is a sensitive diet therefore reducing common allergens and therefore may help reduce the stress placed on an elderly dog’s system.