Grain & Cereal Free
Developed By Vets
Naturally Sensitive Diet

Sasha & Sophie’s Story

My two Cavalier litter sisters both developed a food intolerance when only a few month old. Although several tests were done, my vet was unable to identify what they were intolerant to.

Izzy’s Story

About 3 months ago I developed these terrible sores which made me itch terribly and after a good scratch I made them bleed. The vet was convinced that I had developed an allergy to wheat and suggested I tried...

Oreo’s Story

We got Oreo when he was 8 and half weeks old after a few days of feeding him Wainwrights Puppy Chicken and Rice he started to have severe diarrhoea and very bad flatulence.

Dolly & Teddy’s Story

Teddy was from a reputable breeder and for a while it seemed he had escaped the problems that Westies seem to suffer from: then about two months ago he started to have a lot of tummy upsets and diarrhoea,...

Coco’s Story

Coco has really thick hair on her rump, and the bald patches on the backs of her legs are now covered in hair.

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