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Poppy’s Story

  • Name : Poppy
  • Age : 5 Years

Wafcol was mentioned again and again so we tried it and the improvements where almost immediate

We have had Poppy for nearly 5 yrs; she was 5-6 months old when we had her. She was rescued by Four Paws in Wales, she was found in Ireland. She was very skinny and supposedly scared of everything. Lucky for Poppy she had a brilliant foster mom who looked after her and helped build her weight up a bit. When she came home with us she fitted in to family life, she is brilliant with children and most other dogs she meets. She loves walking, playing ball and mostly dirty water and fox poo. When she was about 2 1/2 she had reoccurring ear problems, runny poo and started to chew her feet.  We narrowed it down to her food and did loads of research and talking to friends and Wafcol was mentioned again and again so we tried it and the improvements where almost immediate, her poo had definite shape and definitely less wind.

Over time she had less ear problems and didn’t chew her feet constantly and her coat was amazing. Last year for reasons I’d rather not discuss we changed her to a different food, it was good but the difference was noticeable, she started chewing her feet more, was back to the vets for antibiotics for her ear and her lovely smooth coat went fuzzy ! Needless to say she is back on Wafcol and is great again, I’m hoping we never have to change it again and as I mentioned we are going to start our new rescue on it now.

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