Grain & Cereal Free
Developed By Vets
Naturally Sensitive Diet

TIP #1

In the summer freeze some treats or veg in a bowl of water, then on a hot day give this to your dog in the garden to keep them both cool and entertained. You can also try this with ice cubes!

TIP #2

If your dog becomes unwell in the car give them a ginger biscuit about 10 minutes before travelling. Ginger is a natural product for settling stomachs.

TIP #3

If the weather is wet and your dog is reluctant to go outside, try teaching them a trick like a spin or a bow, it’ll help to keep their brain busy!

TIP #4

Do you have a problem with malting and excess dog hair around the house? Try putting on a rubber glove and rubbing your hand over the hair covered material or furniture.

TIP #5

Teach basic commands to your dog as early as possible, this includes putting their collar and leads on at a very young age and just walk them around the house teaching them not to pull and stay close to you.

TIP #6

Why not create a fun dinner time food hunt for your dog…scatter their dinner across the lawn and watch as they hunt to find their food.

TIP #7

Make the most of your vets! Many offer free puppy socialisation and play classes as well as offering ‘Healthy Pet Clubs’ which help to spread the cost of routine treatments and give discounts on products that can really help to save some pennies.

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