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I am Lulu, a black Labrador.  I was born on 28th May 2014. I live with Carol in rural Herefordshire, and I am a PAT dog. The charity Pets as Therapy supplies approved dogs (and cats) to care home,...

Devon’s Story

“As a top breeder, I only want the best for my dogs. I have used Wafcol Salmon and Potato dog food for almost eight years now and highly recommend it for your best friend too. Keeping dogs in tip top condition...

Monty’s Story

Hi, My name is Monty and I am a Springer Spaniel. I love my Wafcol Salmon and Potato and my is fur really nice and shiny. I love to chase and bark at birds and other animals that come...

Crystal’s Story

You’ve had the story of my two Shelties on your website for some time but I thought you might like to know that we now have another – Crystal. She wasn’t very bothered about food when she came, just...

Belle’s Story

Belle first started to show signs of allergies when she was about 18 months old – she would not be able to cope with people stroking her at all. She would say hi to strangers and they would delight...

Solo’s Story

For years and years, it has been a constant battle getting our dogs diet correct. He is a fur baby with a sensitive tummy, allergies, itchy skin, from time to time his skin would flare up down to allergies...

Chelsea’s Story

Since Chelsea was 8 weeks old and my poor dog has suffered with vomiting, upset tummy and not wanting to eat her food more or less from about 16 weeks old.

Charlie’s Story

My 12 month old Basset, Charlie, has been having problems with sickness every day and very windy and smelly.

Jackson’s Story

My eldest dog, who is now 4, has allergies to all meats, dairy and barley and has had bowel problems and skin issues because of these allergies. He has tried numerous different foods that either made him worse or...

Fletcher’s Story

After a problem when Fletcher was a puppy he was left with a number of food intolerances. Fletcher was extremely poorly due to his body rejecting all other forms of food.

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