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Top 10 Dog Tips

Are you a new dog owner and looking for some advice? Or are you simply looking to switch up your routine making your lives easier? Well we like to call ourselves the “dogsperts” here at Wafcol HQ. Whether it’s...

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The Benefits of Wafcol

Dogs are more than just our pets. They’re our companions, our children’s best friends, our partners walking buddies and (sometimes) the postman’s worst nightmare! Our dogs are part of the family and their health and wellbeing is, more often...

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Is My Pet Sensitive?

Dietary sensitivity in dogs is a tricky one to deal with for both animal and human, especially as our dogs have no way of communicating their feelings to us. Dogs are family, and we often look after them better...

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Because we love to share…

Some super simple tips to keep your furry friends in tip top condition! We’d also love to hear your favourite tips to share with our Wafcol dogs.

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