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Devon’s Story

  • Age : 3 years old
  • Birthday : 14th July
  • Breed : West Highland Terrier
  • Size : Small (8kg)
  • Favourite Wafcol Product : Salmon & Potato
  • Favourite Hobbies : Walkies and Being Nosy

“As a top breeder I only want the best for my dogs. I have tried a number of brands of food over the years and I find Wafcol keeps the coats of my Westies nice and white!” – Marie Burns (Breeder, Groomer and Winner of Crufts)


“Devon was always a very outgoing puppy, she found the mischief and the others followed, right from the beginning she was the leader of the pack. She is very confident with the most amazing friendly temperament”


“Devon attended her first dog show at just 6 months old and caught the eye of other terrier specialists from the start. Not only was she a top quality specimen of the breed, she was also of true terrier character too and a real show off! She quickly became a champion at only 13 months old and continued to win almost every show we entered. When Devon won at Crufts that was her 8th Challenge Certificate.”


“The best training you can give any dog is socialisation; this will make them confident in any situation. Devon is just like any other pet dog, at home she is very playful and is great with the youngsters, very patient. She likes to play with toys, run outside and go for walks. She usually comes in from a walk as black as the roads…she’s not always show trim!”

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“I have tried a number of brands of food over the years and I find Wafcol keeps the coats of my Westies nice and white. I don’t get the staining on the mouth when feeding it, I also get good body condition on my dogs. Although I myself have no problems with my dogs’ skin, I have recommended it for dogs that do suffer and owners have seen a huge improvement.”

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