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Nottingham Search & Rescue New Recruit

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Nottinghamshire Search and Rescue have a new dog recruit called Monty who has recently joined the service.

“Monty is nine months old now and started his basic search training around 4 months ago. Although a handful at times with his seemingly boundless energy, he and his handler Katherine are progressing very well with the basics of air scenting.

The harness he wears is his “work” cue. With Border Collies being one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, once clipped in, Monty becomes alert in a bid to second guess which direction he will be sent and where the missing person could be hiding. He is slowly building up the distance and duration of the searches he carries out to increase the concentration time which can be tricky in a young puppy.

Nottinghamshire Search & Rescue Team (NSART) are always looking for willing volunteers across the county to hide for our dogs at our weekly training sessions. It is a great opportunity for both adults and children to learn about the role our dogs perform in the search for missing people and a huge benefit to our dogs and handlers having new scents to follow. All you need is a couple of spare hours, warm clothing and flask!

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