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  photo of Devon


As a top breeder I only want the best for my dogs. I have used Wafcol Salmon and Potato dog food for almost eight years now and highly recommend it for your best friend too. Keeping dogs in tip top condition like my CRUFTS “Best in Show” winner Devon is very important and along with regular grooming, a good diet plays a big part in keeping the skin and coat healthy. Devon has always been fed a Wafcol diet.  As a leading dog groomer I am also  often asked for advice from our clients on a suitable diet for their dogs and with this in mind I would always recommend Wafcol. I have also suggested it to owners whose animals have had skin and coat issues with their pets having seen the improvements this food can make on many occasions. I highly recommend this food. Healthy on the inside means healthy on the outside. 
Marie Burns
Owner of CRUFTS Best in Show winner Devon 2016 


  photo of Crystal


You've had the story of my two Shelties on your website for some time but I thought you might like to know that we now have another - Crystal. She wasn't very bothered about food when she came, just eating slowly and not at all enthusiastically. We gradually changed her on to Wafcol as we wouldn't think of feeding anything else. She loves it and now looks exited at meal times, eating and enjoying everything. In the short time we've has her her coat is improving and she has more energy and 'joy de vivre'. Another Wafcol convert!!

  photo of Poppy


We have had Poppy for nearly 5 yrs; she was 5-6 months old when we had her. She was rescued by Four Paws in Wales, she was found in Ireland. She was very skinny and supposedly scared of everything. Lucky for Poppy she had a brilliant foster mom who looked after her and helped build her weight up a bit. When she came home with us she fitted in to family life, she is brilliant with children and most other dogs she meets. She loves walking, playing ball and mostly dirty water and fox poo. When she was about 2 1/2 she had reoccurring ear problems, runny poo and started to chew her feet.  We narrowed it down to her food and did loads of research and talking to friends and Wafcol was mentioned again and again so we tried it and the improvements where almost immediate, her poo had definite shape and definitely less wind. Over time she had less ear problems and didn't chew her feet constantly and her coat was amazing. Last year for reasons I'd rather not discuss we changed her to a different food, it was good but the difference was noticeable, she started chewing her feet more, was back to the vets for antibiotics for her ear and her lovely smooth coat went fuzzy ! Needless to say she is back on Wafcol and is great again, I'm hoping we never have to change it again and as I mentioned we are going to start our new rescue on it now.

  photo of Bonnie


Here is a photo of Bonnie my 9 year old Bull Terrier. She has been on and off steroids for years for her skin condition before we got her last year. The vet recommended Wafcol Salmon and Potato due to food allergies, which she has had ever since and her skin has improved. Bonnie has not been given medicine for over a month now and I have noticed that she hasn't been licking or itching.

  photo of Wills


Since Wills went on Wafcol 3 months ago, due to a food issue with high yeast levels in his diet causing his head and neck to break out in spots with some fur loss, all of Wills dietary related skin problems have cleared up and he is a very lively 19 month old. We hope to start showing him again soon although he is not constantly in the show ring, more of a family pet or should I say the boss of the family! 

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